Trick to cheat Windows XP 3D Pinball

Windows XP 3D Pinball Game
Windows XP 3D Pinball is one of the best game provided along with the Windows. Many of us enjoy playing this game. But with some of advance play methods like the cheat codes for this game would add more interest in playing. So for this here we present cheats that can be applied to this game.

There are many tricks to cheat windows XP 3D Pinball. Mainly there are four different ways to cheat this window’s game.
Here is the simple trick as follows:
  • To get one extra ball type 1max.
  • To get unlimited balls type bmax.
  • To activate the gravity well type gmax.
  • To get a promotion of one rank type rmax.
A message will confirm all of the cheats except for second one, but that one you will notice after you lose a few balls.

So it is the simple trick to cheat windows XP 3D Pinball.


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