Trick to hide data in invisible folder in Windows

Hide data in hidden folder
In Windows hiding any folder is very easy and access to them by any other user is as much as easy as you tried to hide that folder. But now hiding of the folder would be easy and access of stranger or unknown person would be difficult. Only you would be able to access your personal private data present in the invisible folder and your privacy would not be compromised any further.

Now here is a Trick in Windows to hide folders. So follow the simple steps to use this Trick.

Firstly make a folder without name, to this follow these given steps :

  • Click on Start Button in taskbar.
  • Search for character map.
  • Open character pap and click on the blank column.
  • Now Click on select Button and then on copy button (you have copied a blank space).
  • Create a new folder and rename it and press Ctrl + V from keyboard.
Alternatively you can create a new folder and rename it by pressing "Alt" + "255" (Num Pad),  in other word "hold on to Alt key on keyboard" and type "255 on the Num pad".

By this time you have created a folder without any name. Now you have to make a folder appear without any logo.
  • Right click on the folder that you have created without name in the previous step.
  • Click on Properties >> Customize >> Change icon.
  • Now will get a popup windows with various icon. Select the blank icon.
  • Press Ok.
By this time you have created an invisible folder with no logo and no name. Now you have to move all of your private data in this invisible folder. So now simply copy (or cut) paste all your private data in this folder and follow further steps to hide this invisible folder.

Now finally, hide this invisible folder by :
  • Right Click on the Invisible Folder.
  • Select Properties and now select the hidden check box.
By this time you have your data in an invisible folder with no logo, no name and which is also hidden. So now only you can access this folder as only you have knowledge where this invisible folder is stored.

So this is the simple trick for hiding data in invisible folder in Windows.


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