Trick to Hide Data in Notepad

Hide Data in Notepad
Hiding data of your notepad seems to be difficult and strange. But don't worry, now you can hide all of your private data in the notepad as there is an interesting trick to hide the data in notepad. Here is a simple trick to hide text inside windows notepad using command prompt but kindly note that this Trick only works on NTFS file system.

To use this simple trick follow these simple steps:

  • Click Start  >>  Run  >>  CMD to open Command Prompt.
  • Type “cd desktop” to move file to the desktop.
  • Type "notepad filename.txt:hidden" (without quotes) in command prompt.
  • Write some Private or any data to be hidden and save the file.
  • Browse to the file location and open filename.txt. Now you cannot see any data in the file.
  • To retrieve the hidden data, open command prompt again and type the same command i.e. "notepad filename.txt:hidden" (without quotes).
  • Now the hidden data would be retrieved.
So it is a simple trick to hide the data in notepad.


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