Trick to repair Windows XP without installation CD

Windows XP Repair Guide
It is very annoying when our Computer is running on the Operating System whose files are corrupted and many times shows an Error message and make us frustrated and leaving us with none other option than Re-installing the Windows.

But this is not the solution you can also repair it. But what if you do not have the installation CD. No problem Top Tricks and Tips is always there.

Here is a simple Trick to repair Windows XP without installation CD. To make use of this Trick just follow these steps :

1) Click on Start  >>  Run  >>  Type "webfldrs.msi" (without quotes).
Run Webfldrs.msi

2) Now follow the Instructions.and select Re-install Mode.
Webfldrs.msi Welcome Dialogue Box

3) Now Check all the options on the New Screen which appears and click OK.
Webfldrs.msi Options

4) Now Click Re-install button finally and it would take few minutes depending upon the System Conditions.
Windows Re-install

5) Now after it Restart the Computer and it is done.

Restart your Computer
So it is a simple Trick to repair Windows XP without installation CD.


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