How to get privacy rating for your Facebook profile ?

Facebook Privacy
Privacy is one of the most cared and important issue for any person in the world, whether online or offline. Mostly the privacy of people are threatened by the exposure of their online accounts or profiles. One of them is the Facebook ( profile ), which tends to be the biggest factor for the privacy leaks and exposure to other online people.

As earlier we have already discussed about the trick on
Now its the time to check your Facebook profile's privacy rating and see how much it is secured and private.

There are many online services which can be used to check your Facebook profile's privacy rating, out of which we here have two free services, which offer to scan your profile and generate a privacy rating.
These services are :

1) Privacy Check
Privacy Check
At Privacy Check page, you sign into your Facebook account to view your profile's privacy score on a scale of 1 to 21. The check displays the public information in the profile, which may include your name, location, time zone, Facebook ID, relationship status, birthday, hometown, employer, schools, gender, etc. It also displays the names of your friends and exposed wall posts, news items, likes, events, groups, and other activities.

2) Profile Watch
Profile Watch
At Profile Watch , you can either sign into your Facebook account to rate its privacy, or paste the profile's URL into a text box on the page and click Check Profile. The site generates a privacy rating from one ( exposed ) to 10 ( safe ) and lists the public information in the profile, including the profile picture.

So these are the two online service or tool to get a privacy rating for your Facebook profile.


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