How to secure Computer from Sticky Key Attack ?

Sticky Keys Attack on Windows
Earlier we have discussed about Trick to recover administrator password through guest login by making use of Sticky Key attack. But now here we will discuss about how to secure your Computer, running on Windows XP and Windows 7, from Sticky Key Attack by making use of the discussed simple method.

Here is the method , so have a look over it :

1) On Startup.
Sticky Keys
You can check for Sticky Key backdoor, by pressing Sticky Key ( like Shift Key ) 5 times on login screen whenever you Turn ON the computer. It will show a dialogue box and you can Turn OFF the sticky Keys there itself.

2) By replacing "Net.exe" file.
Alternatively you can use this step to disable the "net user" command, so that if anybody make a backdoor in your system but he can’t change your password, by opening the folder c:\windows\system32, searching for "Net.exe" over there and replace it with "cmd.exe" or with any other ".exe"’ file.

So this is the Trick to secure Computer from Sticky Key Attack.


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