Top 10 Tips to Save Money on Heating Bill

Learn the Top 10 surprising ways to save money on your heating bill without breaking to keep yourself warm.

Save Money on your Heating Bill
Depending upon the country you live in, winter could be a rough one if you doesn't follow some Tips or plan for methods to save money on your heating bill. The television and web are full of great ideas on how to save money on energy costs, but more often than not it takes money to save money. But we are here to tell you that you still have options.

Now there is no need to spend a bunch of money to cut your heating costs. You don’t have to break to keep warm.

After a cold snap your heating bill won’t give you a surprise if you follow these 10 Tips :

  • When you forget to close a door after walking through it, all the warm air will leave and the cold air will enter. Therefore, we recommend keeping your doors closed.
  • To stop drafts from coming into your room, place some old material under the door frame.
  • Your chimney is the largest draft in your home. It’s a bit like having a constant hole in your roof. Unless your fire is lighted the warm will leave your house through the chimney. To prevent this, purchase a chimney balloon. This will reduce the need for lighting the fire also.
  • Save money on your water bill as well as your heating bill by installing a water-efficient shower head.
  • On average, approximately 33% of heat created in home is lost through the walls. Place some foil behind the radiators. This will reflect the heat back into your house. This will reduce the amount of wasted heat and keep you warmer for longer.
  • Your heating doesn’t need to be on when you’re not there. Make a huge saving on your heating bill by using the timer on your thermostat. The heating doesn’t need to be on when you’re working or asleep.
  • When it’s cold if you wear light clothes around your home, your heating bill will naturally be higher. Therefore, we recommend wearing warm clothes to reduce the cost of your heating bill.
  • Save money on your heating bill by wrapping up in a duvet. You won’t need to touch the thermostat. This is a great option if you’re having a lazy day.
  • Circulate the warm air from your radiators by setting your ceiling fan on low. You may notice that you sometimes get mould and condensation on the ceiling after the heating has been on. This is because the heat from your radiator rises.
  •  If you heat your home using oil, choose kerosene that produces a smaller amount of carbon. Carbon Clean Kerosene is just one example of such that is currently available from suppliers. We also recommend shopping around to find the best deal if you use oil heating.

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