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 We invites Guest Authors and Writers who are willing to write on Top Tricks and Tips.

Top Tricks and Tips is one of the popular Tricks and Tips blog which covers various trending topics online like computer & technology, internet, legal, health & fitness, insurance, banking & finance, automotive, real estate and much more stuff that may interest you. Top Tricks and Tips is one of the best and popular website on the Internet.

Guidelines for Writing
Top Tricks and Tips - Guest post guidelines
The Guest authors or Writers who are willing to write on Top Tricks and Tips should follow the below guidelines strictly. Any one found violating the guidelines will be disqualified and banned from this site without any warning or prior notice.
    • You are not allowed to link to your blog for self-promotion. Since you are allowed to put links (no-follow) on your profile at the bottom of every post you make.
    • You are not allowed to add any type of affiliate links to your post.
    • You are only allowed to use maximum of 2 links (no-follow) in your profile which will be attached below of your every post and not in the article. Furthermore one link may be of your personal profile (no-follow) and second one may only be of your personal site or blog (no-follow).
    • Your posts will be shared with all the social media sites (currently joined) and with our beloved readers.
    • Provide relevant images and videos or flash into your posts and make your posts attractive (Size is limited). The image dimensions must be between mentioned width i.e. maximum of 600 px to minimum of 400 px, and height from minimum of 200 px to maximum of 350 px.
    • Provide the relevant search description for your post i.e. the short summary of your article with approx 200 to 250 characters.
    • You can connect to the external sources when needed (please provide open new tab option while linking external sources).
    • We respect our own and also the other’s work. So copying others work is strictly prohibited and doing so will be treated as violation of our prescribed guidelines. In case you want to use any of others ideas or work, then you must get the written permission from the sole owner of that content regarding republishing.
    • Comment is the back bone of blogging, so be interactive and try to answer the questions by the users.
    • At last, your post should have a minimum of 400 words.
    By submitting a post to Top Tricks and Tips, you are handing over the copyright for that content to us. It means that you are not allowed to submit the same content to another site in any way, which might lead to further copyright action.
      How to Start Writing ?
      Top Tricks and Tips Guest Post
      Before you proceed, make sure that you have read and understood the Guidelines for writing. If there is any query related to the same, then feel free to Contact us and clear your doubts.

      Now to start with the writing, just Contact us with the following details:
      • Your Name
      • Email ID
      • Your profile Link (preferably Google+ Profile).
      • Writing examples or previous work (if any).
      Now create the content for the guest post you want to publish on the site, and send it to us for approval. Your article would be published within the 48 hours of approval. That’s it, nothing else is required to start writing with us.

      For further queries or assistance, kindly Contact us here.