Trick to speed up internet through Nokia mobile modem

Learn the easiest method to increase the speed of internet connection connected by Nokia mobile modem.

Nokia Mobile Internet
We all like those things which are cheap and serve us better. Similarly many of us use internet in our GPRS enabled mobile phones and moreover for fun many use there mobile phones as a modem to connect to internet and browse it from computer or laptop.

Among all mobile phones most popular used mobile phone is Nokia mobile and often used by us to connect the computer to internet. So those who are using this technique to connect to internet, would be also knowing about the speed of internet connection through it.

So here is a trick to get 100% from our Nokia mobile modem to boost up the internet speed. To use this trick just follow these simple steps :
  • Connect Nokia mobile modem to computer and then to internet.
  • Click on the Network activity icon from taskbar and then OTA status of Nokia mobile modem would be opened. Now navigate to Properties  >>  configure  >>  maximum speed.
Network Activity Icon
  • Now the main part of this Trick is here. Select the Maximum speed from the drop down menu from the maximum speed option, and press Ok.
  • Now disconnect the connection and connect again to enjoy more speed.
  • For better results, you may restart your computer and then connect to internet again.
So it is a simple Trick to speed up internet through Nokia mobile modem.

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