Windows Phone 8 Features and Details

Windows Phone 8 Features and Details Officially announced by Microsoft - Fully Explained.

Windows Phone 8
Microsoft has officially announced the first details of Windows Phone 8 and confirming many of the Rumors about the new Operating System at the Windows Phone Summit. However, don't get too Excited - this is a "Sneak Peek " rather than the Full details of the New Version and there's still a Lot of Information that we don't know. Microsoft is lifting the curtain to provide a preview of some of the Software and Hardware changes for its Windows Phone 8 Operating System.

What's New in Windows Phone 8 ?
Windows Phone 8 - New Features and Improvements
Watch this Official Windows Phone 8 Video by Microsoft, Through this you will get a brief Idea about the Windows Phone 8. Further read the Features and Details of 
Windows Phone 8 ( Apollo ).

The Power of Windows.
Windows Phone 8 - Power
If you’ve seen Windows 8, Microsoft’s groundbreaking new release for PCs and Tablets, you've probably noticed it bears more than a passing resemblance to the look of Windows Phone
With Windows Phone 8, the similarity is more than skin deep. Microsoft based the next release of Windows Phone on the Rock-Solid Technology Core of Windows 8. It means Windows Phone and its bigger sibling will share common Networking, Security, Media and Web Browser Technology, and a common File System. That translates into better performance, more features, and new opportunities for App Developers and Hardware makers to innovate Faster.

The New Hardware Changes.
Windows Phone 8 - New Hardware Changes
Near-Field Communication ( NFC ), support for Multicore processors ( like Dual-Core and Quad-Core ), New Screen Resolutions ( like 1280 x 720-pixel HD ), and Expandable Memory Slots are the Biggest News in terms of Hardware Changes.

The new Start Screen
Windows Phone 8 - New Start Screen
Microsoft's redesigned Start Screen spans the width of the Screen now. You'll be able to resize each individual Live Tile from the Start Screen to one of three sizes. There's also support for new color themes, which Microsoft didn't list.

Multi-Core Processor Support
Windows Phone 8 - Multi Core Processor
Windows Phone Runs Buttery Smooth on Phones With a Single Processor. But PiggyBacking on the Windows Core provides Support for Multiple Cores, Windows Phone 8 is ready for whatever Hardware makers Dream Up.

Internet Explorer 10
Windows Phone 8 - Internet Explorer 10
The Windows Phone 8 comes with the same web browsing engine that’s headed for Window 8 PCs and Tablets. IE10 is Faster and More Secure, with Advanced Anti-Phishing Features like SmartScreen Filter to Block Dangerous Websites and Malware.

Windows Phone 8 - Wallet
Windows Phone 8’s New Digital Wallet feature does two Great things. It can keep Debit and Credit Cards, Coupons, Boarding Passes, and other Important Info Right at your Fingertips. And when paired with a Secure SIM from your carrier, you can also Pay for things with a Tap of your Phone at Compatible Checkout Counters.

Better Maps and Directions
Windows Phone 8 -  Maps and Directions
Windows Phone 8 builds in Nokia Mapping as part of the Platform. Microsoft partnership with Nokia, will provide more detailed Maps and Turn-by-Turn Directions in many Countries, plus the ability to Store Maps Offline on your Phone so you can work with Maps without a Data Connection.

Cooler Apps and Games
Windows Phone 8 -  Apps and games
Basing Windows Phone 8 on the Windows Core will unleash a New Wave of Amazing Apps and Especially Games.

Company Hub and Apps
Windows Phone 8 -  Company Hub
Companies can Create their own Windows Phone 8 Hub for Custom Employee Apps and other critical Business Info.

Native Code Support and Shared Core
Windows Phone 8 -  Native Support and Shared Core
Windows Phone 8 will Share Native C and C++ Code with Windows 8, making it easier for Developers to create Apps for Both platforms. It’s not something that Consumers will Immediately notice when they use the OS, but Microsoft hopes Native Code Support will lead to Better, easier app development and thus more Quality Apps in Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows Phone 8 for Business
Windows Phone 8 for Business
Microsoft has always had a Strong Hold on the Enterprise Market with Windows, and now it’s taking all of that work and Pulling it together with a Business-Friendly Windows Phone Platform. Windows Phone 8 will come with a Complete Security platform with Secure Boot and Encryption ( which is a derivative of Windows Bitlocker ). It’ll make App distribution and Deployment flexible for Business, offering up a Mechanism for Private Distribution and Full-on onsite management.
Windows Phone 8 IT Solution
Businesses will also be able to manage Windows Phone 8 devices through a software management system. And finally, Windows Phone 8 will run the Microsoft Office Suite, though we have yet to see how it will look in that Mobile form.

Seamless Skype and Friends
Windows Phone 8 Skype Integration
Microsoft will Integrate VoIP ( Voice over IP ) Calling Apps like Skype ( which it owns ) and others so that Calls Placed and Answered through these Third-Party Services will look and Feel like Native Phone Calls.

New languages
Windows Phone 8 New languages and Apps
Windows Phone 8 will Support a Total of 50 languages, or Double the Current Geographic Coverage. Microsoft is also Expanding Marketplace, Store for Apps and Games, to support App downloads in over 180 Countries, nearly Triple its Current Footprint.

Update Process
Windows Phone 8 Update
Windows Phone 8 Updates will be Delivered Wirelessly Over-the-Air, so you don’t have to bother Plugging the Phone into PC to Update anymore. Second thing about Update is that, Microsoft will Support Devices with Updates for at least 18 months from Device Launch.

Device Encryption
Windows Phone 8 Device Encryption
To help keep Everything from Documents to Passwords Safe, Windows Phone 8 includes Built-in Technology to Encrypt the Entire Device, including the Operating System and Data Files.

Better Security
Windows Phone 8 Better Security
Windows Phone 8 supports the United Extensible Firmware Interface ( UEFI  ). Secure Boot Protocol and Features improved app “ SandBoxing ” so the Phone is better Protected from Malware with Multiple Layers of Security.

Remote Management
Windows Phone 8 Remote Management
With Windows Phone 8, IT departments can manage Apps and Phones Remotely, with tools similar to ones they now employ for Windows PCs.

Multitasking Enhancements
Windows Phone 8 Multitasking
Windows Phone 8 now allows Location - Based Apps like Exercise Trackers or Navigation Aids to run in the Background, so they keep working even when you’re doing other things on Phone.

SDK for Developers
Windows Phone 8 - SDK
Microsoft will go into deeper details with developers later this summer, which is when they'll also get the Software Development Kit ( SDK ).

Possible Queries ? ? ?

What kind of Processors will Windows 8 Phones use ?
Windows Phone 8 - Qualcomm Processor
The High-End Windows Phones will use Qualcomm's Dual-Core SnapDragon S4 Plus Processor, which can be tuned for up to 1.7GHz Clock Speed. Some phones will also Source Slower Processors as a way to manage Price and match Features for more Entry-Level Phones.

What about Existing Windows Phone Owners ?
Windows Phone Update for 7.5 Mango Users
There is a Bad news for Existing Windows Phone Owners, though. There's no upgrade path from Windows Phone 7.5 handsets to the forthcoming OS ( Windows 8 ). But still Microsoft threw you a bone. A small bone, but one that Redmond hopes you'll find Tasty Nonetheless. Windows Phone 7.8 is an Update that will give Current 7.5 Mango users the New Start Screen to Play with. Microsoft did not announce an Update Schedule to Windows Phone 7.8.

When would Windows 8 Phone will Launch ?
Windows Phone 8 in Hand
 We're still waiting to get our Ears on a Proper Windows Phone 8 Release Date, We're currently being given the boring notion of " Autumn 2012 ", which could be any Time from October to Christmas for all we know. However, we Expect it to be sooner rather than Later as Microsoft won't want to miss the Traditional Holiday Season Gadget-Buying Rush.
Windows Phone 8 Picture
So that's all are the Basic and Major Features of Windows Phone 8 in Detail. This isn't a full disclosure of everything in Windows Phone 8, look for a more complete tour of New Features Later.
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