Tips to increase computer speed by removing dust

Do you know that dust can slow down the computer speed, so you should clean up your computer on regular basis.

Dust on PC's Motherboard
Do you know that dusts are also one of the causes of computer slowdowns ? Dust can also cause more damage than just slowing down your computer. Dust can cause overheating of the electric components of the computer. When there is too much dust inside the computer, the components gets too hot easily that can lead to burning of components or the computer will not run as fast and effective as it should.

When computer components gets hot they stop working, the computer locks and everything freezes-up on the screen. Dust eventually builds into rust that destroys the components.

To avoid these troubles we have to clean the inside of our personal computer just like we make dust free our house. The best way to remove the dust from inside our computer is to use canned compressed air to blow out the inside of our computer. Before doing any cleaning job, make sure that we first unplug the computer from the power source.

Open the computer case then take it outside. Blow out all dust and make sure to blow out the CPU and all the fans visible. It is advisable to do this about every 6 months but if someone do not have a closed room with air conditioning system, it should be done at least once a month. Household cleaners should not be used as they can damage the circuit boards inside the computer. If someone don’t have a canned compressed air then alternatively use a soft paint brush to remove the dust.

Viruses, spywares, malwares and other malicious programs are not the only enemy of our computer but other things are also there that can destroy our computer. Proper maintenance is the key in protecting our computer. Clean not only the outside of but also the inside of the computer, in this way our computer will perform as it is the best like that it should be.

So this is why we should clean up the dust from our computer.

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