How to enable Windows 7 God Mode ?

Learn the simple Trick on how to make a folder in Windows 7 of a God Mode to explore hidden features.

Windows 7 God Mode
Microsoft develop an intuitive interface in windows, the friendly operating system. For some, however, “user friendly “is just another way you say morons in an attempt to force all users in a limited number, the system of punch. Experienced users and it administrators must be able to go behind the curtain of the user interface and get the business tweaking and customizing the operating system to meet their needs. This is where windows 7 “god mode “comes in.

God mode is actually a hidden (or, at least it used to be hidden) developer shortcut in windows 7 that provides more direct access to features and functions of the operating system. To be clear, God mode doesn’t add functionality. But it helps administrators work more efficiently by collecting all these tweaks and controls in one place.

Follow these steps to access god mode:

  • Create a new folder wherever you want the god mode folder to be.
  • Right-click in Windows Explorer >> New >> Folder.
  • Next, rename the folder.
  • You can name the folder anything you like as long as you add a period followed by this exact text
string : godmode.{ed7ba470-8e54-465e-825c-99712043e01c}
    • The folder icon should be replaced by the control panel icon, and the folder should now be filled with a variety of tweaks and tools. Now you can perform many task by opening this folder (god mode).
    So this is a simple trick to make folder in windows 7 of God mode.

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