Top 15 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

The best and handy keyboard shortcuts of windows 7 for enhanced productivity and efficient performance at work.

Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts
The first thing every Power User must Memorize with working with a new Operating System is the Keyboard's Shortcuts. In Windows 7, we've uncovered several new sets of essential Time Saving Shortcuts that will make our Mouse feel jealous with neglect.

1) Alt + P >> In Windows Explorer, Activate an Additional File Preview Pane to the Right Side of the Window with this New Shortcut.
This panel is Great for Previewing Images in our Photos Directory.

2) Windows + (+) (plus key) and Windows + (-) (minus key) >> Pressing the Windows and Plus or Minus Keys Activates the Magnifier, which lets us Zoom IN on the entire Desktop or Open a Rectangular Magnifying Lens to Zoom IN and OUT of parts of our Screen.
We can customize the Magnifier Options to follow our Mouse Pointer or Keyboard Cursor. Keep in mind that so far, the Magnifier only works when Aero desktop is enabled.

3) Windows + Up and Windows + Down >> If a window is not Maximized, pressing Windows + Up will fill it to our Screen. Windows + Down will Minimize that Active Window.
Unfortunately, pressing Windows + Up again while a Window is Minimized won’t return it to its Former State.

4) Windows + Shift + Up >> Similar to the Shortcut above, hitting these three keys while a Window is Active will Stretch it vertically to the Maximum Desktop Height.
The width of the Window will however stay the same. Pressing Windows + Down will Restore it to its Previous Size.

5) Windows + Left and Windows + Right >> One of the new features of Windows 7 is the ability to Automatically make a Window fill up Half of the Screen by Dragging to the Left or Right. These pair of Shortcuts performs the same function that our Mouse do. Once a Window is Fixed to one Side of the Screen, we can Repeat the Shortcut to Flip it to the other Side.
This is useful if we’re extending a Desktop across Multiple Monitors, which prevents us from executing this Trick with a Mouse.

6) Windows + Home >> This Shortcut Performs a similar function to hovering over a Window’s peek Menu Thumbnail in the Taskbar. The active Window will stay on the Desktop while every other Open Application is Minimized.
Pressing this Shortcut again will Restore all the other Windows.

7) Windows + E >> Automatically opens up a new Explorer Window to show the Libraries Folder.
Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

8) Windows + P >> Manage the Multiple Monitor more efficiently with this handy Shortcut. Windows + P Opens up a small overlay that lets us Configure a second Display or Projector.
We can Switch from a Single Monitor to Dual Display in either Mirror or Extend Desktop Mode.

9) Windows + Shift + Left and Windows + Shift + Right >> If someone is using two or more Displays, Memorize this Shortcut to easily move a Window from One Screen to the other.
The window retains its Size and Relative Position on the New Screen, which is useful when working with Multiple Documents.

10) Windows + [Number] >> Programs pinned to your Taskbar can be Launched by hitting Windows and the number corresponding to its placement on the Taskbar.
We realize that this is actually one Key Press more than just Clicking the Icon with the Mouse, but it Saves the Trouble of leaving the Hand from the Comfort of the Keyboard.

11) Ctrl + Click >> Hold down Ctrl while Repeatedly Clicking a Program Icon in the Taskbar will Toggle between the Instances of that Application.

12) Windows + Space >> This Combo performs the same function as moving the Mouse to the Bottom Right of the Taskbar. It makes every Active Window Transparent so we can view our desktop.
The windows only remain transparent as long as we’re holding down the Windows Key.

13) Ctrl + Shift + Click >> Hold down Ctrl and Shift while launching an Application from the Taskbar or Start Menu to launch it with full Administrative Rights.

14) Windows + T >> Like Alt + Tab, Windows + T cycles through the Open Programs via Taskbar’s Peek Menu.

15) Windows + Tab >> Like Alt +Tab, Windows + Tab cycles through the Open Programs via Great Thumbnail Preview.

So these are the Top 15 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7.

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