Top 5 indicators of battery failure

Learn how to detect whether battery is fine or being ruined out and is to be replaced.

Battery Failure
Battery is one of the most essential part of any Electronic Device which only relies on DC Source and does not have constant or uninterrupted power supply externally.
So we should take care of it to our maximum. We should examine and if necessary then should replace it if there are any Failures in it.

Here is the list of some indicators which Indicates the Battery Failure and tell us to replace it, so we should take care of these :

  • The usable time after recharging is shortened.
Battery Recharge Time
  • The battery becomes unusually warm during a recharge cycle.
Heat to Battery
  • The battery becomes unusually warm during phone use.
  • The battery case may become swollen. This is detectable by feeling and viewing the inside/phone-side of the battery case. Also, when the battery is placed inside/phone-side down on a flat, smooth surface, it will rock and will sustain a spin motion. The case of a healthy battery is flat, and the battery will not a spin easily.
Swolen Battery
  • The battery develops a hard spot. This is detectable on the inside/phone-side surface of the battery by gently pinching about the surface between one's fingers.
Hard Spot on Battery

So these are the Top 5 indicators of battery failure.

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