How to avoid automatic restart on system failure ?

Disable the automatic restart option on system failure, i.e. Windows crash, so as to repair the system easily.

System Startup Option
Very often we undergoes PC crashes and the system keeps on restarting to avoid any further damage to the computer components. But here here is a small trick to avoid it.

To avoid the windows 7 ( XP, vista, etc. ) crash follow these simple steps :

  • Press win + r
  • Type "sysdm.cpl".
  • Go to advanced >> Startup and recovery >> settings >> tick on write an event to the system log.
  • Now uncheck the “automatically restart” option.
  • Under write debugging information, select kernel memory dump.
  • Dump file address must be - " %systemroot%\memory.dmp ".
  • Now tick on overwrite any existing file.
  • Apply and then Ok.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Now it is done and computer would no longer crash again any more.
So this is the trick to avoid automatic restart on system failure.

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