Trick to Cheat at Spider Solitaire in Windows

Learn the simple trick on how to cheat and edit your scores and streaks in Spider Solitaire Windows game.

Spider Solitaire
Windows games are the best alternatives when you don't have any other third party games installed on your computer and you are just getting bored & need to play some game. Spider solitaire  is one of the most played windows games by windows user. It is an interesting game but to make it more interesting and fool your friends, you can use this trick to edit your scores and streaks.

So here is the simple Trick to cheat at spider solitaire in Windows.

1) Go to Start >> Run >> regedit >> Ok.


3) Look for Microsoft and then spider or hit F3 and search for spider.

4) Look for the following :
  • HighScore_(dificulty) >> Set the value to set your High scores.
  • StreakCurrent_(dificulty), StreakLosses_(dificulty) and StreakWins_(dificulty) >> Edit your Streak Records.
  • Wins(dificulty) >> Edit your winning records.
  • Losses_(dificulty) >> Edit your losing records.
So it is the simple trick to cheat at spider solitaire in Windows.

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