Trick to cheat at FreeCell Bonus game in Windows

FreeCell Bonus - Windows Game
FreeCell Bonus game is one the most played and a popular Windows game. To make it more interesting, we can make use of some tricks to cheat with this game. There is a simple trick to cheat FreeCell bonus game in windows i.e. two extra FreeCell games to choose from.

To use this Trick just follow these simple steps:

  • Select game at the top left corner. Hit select a game.
  • A window will come up saying select a game number 1 to 1000000, at this point they expect you to type a positive number less than million, but there are more. Just type in -1 or -2 and you get bonus games.
  • During the game press, "Ctrl + Shift + F10". This will bring up the cheat window.
  • Pressing abort gives you a win.
  • Pressing retry gives you a loss.
  • Pressing ignore aborts.
So it is a simple trick to cheat FreeCell bonus game in Windows.


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