How to delete a user profile in Windows ?

Learn how to delete the unwanted or unused user profiles in Windows and free up disk space.

User Profile
In Windows you can create many number of users profile which means many number of peoples can create their own personalized profiles or account to access the PC. But sometimes there may be duplicate or unwanted profiles can be present on the Windows that you may want to remove or delete from the Windows. So now there is a simple Trick to delete a user profile in Windows. If you have User Profiles on your Computer that you no longer need, you can free up disk space by deleting these unused Profiles.

Here is the simple trick to do this :

  • Right click My Computer >> Properties.
  • Click the Advanced  >> User Profiles >> Settings.
  • From the user profile dialog box, select the individual profile you want to delete.
  • Click the delete button and confirm the action.
  • Click OK.
Please note that User profiles can contain files that you may need. It is a good practice to review the directory and backup any needed files before deleting the profile.

So this is the simple Trick to delete a user profile in Windows.

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