How to hide files using WinRAR and JPG Image ?

Learn the Trick on how to hide files using WinRAR & a JPG image easily and increase security of your files.

Hide files using WinRAR and JPG
There is a Trick to hide files using WinRAR and JPG image. By using this trick you can hide your files in a RAR file which looks like a picture or an image. For this you need WinRAR software and a picture to show instead of the hidden file.

So to use this Trick follow the given below steps :

  • Make a new folder in any drive and rename it to hidden or any other name (let it be in c drive, so that it's address is c:\hidden\).
  • Copy all the secret files to that folder.
  • Now select all the files and right click and select "add to hidden.rar".
  • Delete all files except the created hidden.rar file.
  • Copy an image to that folder. Let its name be taken as pic.jpg. This image would be used to hide the WinRAR file that you made.
  • Now open command prompt by going to start  >>  run  >>  cmd.
  • Change the prompt to c:\hidden\. To do that, type "cd c:\hidden\".
  • Now type "copy /b pic.jpg + hidden.rar picture.jpg". This creates a picture that looks same as pic.jpg in hidden folder. The picture.jpg contains all the files.
  • To get RAR file, just change the extension .jpg of picture.jpg to .rar and open it.
  • To hide again, change the extension back to .jpg.
So it is a simple trick to hide files using WinRAR and JPG image.

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