Trick to hide the partitions in Windows

Learn how to hide the various partitions in windows without using any software by using this simple trick.

Hide Partitions
Here is the trick for all those people who want to hide tons of data into their box. If someone have very important data in his / her hard drive placed in some partition which he / she do not want anybody to access then this trick is for them.

To use this trick just follow the below simple steps:
  • Click on start >> run >> type "gpedit.msc".
  • Navigate through user configuration >> administrative templates >> windows components >> windows explorer.
  • Double click on “hide these specified drives in my computer” modify it accordingly.
  • Then just below you will find another option “prevent access to drives from my computer”, double click on this option and modify it accordingly.
  • To make it visible again select "disable" by double clicking on the “hide these specified drives in my computer” option.
So this is a Trick to hide the partitions or a specific drive in Windows.

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