Trick to prolong Laptop batteries

Learn how to make your Laptop Batteries last longer then ever been by just following these simple tricks.


Windows include an ultimate feature "hibernate" in the power management features. Hibernate saves an image of your desktop with all open files and documents and then it powers down the computer and when we turn on power, our files and documents are open on our desktop exactly as we left them.

Windows 7 Hibernate

If you want to leave your computer urgently then you can just leave it, windows automatically put your computer into hibernate mode after particular period of inactivity or windows can detect that when your batteries are running low then it automatically put your computer in hibernate mode to save your work before the battery fails.

If you want to Enable Hibernate Option then go to
 Control Panel  >>  Power Options  >>  Hibernate Tab  >>  Select Enable Hibernate  >>  OK.

( Note : If there is no Hibernate Tab then it means, that Computer does not support this feature ).

So it is a simple Trick to make Laptop Batteries Last Longer.

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