Trick to remove Virus without antivirus

Learn how to delete the annoying self replicating New Folder.exe and Regsvr.exe virus without any antivirus.

New Folder.exe and Regsvr.exe Virus
The viruses like new folder.exe and regsvr.exe are the viruses which continuously replicate themselves and eats up the space of the hard disk of the computer. These also causes multiple problems of explorer corruption and disabling registry tools.

Now there are tricks to remove virus like new folder.exe and regsvr.exe without any antivirus. To use the method, follow these simple tricks:

1) Start up repair
  • Boot the computer in safe mode.
  • Now press F3 or Ctrl + F on desktop.
  • Search for “autorun.inf” file and delete all the subsequent files.
  • If they are un deletable  then select all  >>  right click  >>  properties  >>  uncheck the ”read only” option. If still these are not deletable then try out un-locker tool to delete the files.
  • Now go to start  >>  run  >>  msconfig  >>  startup tab  >>  uncheck “regsvr”  >>  Ok  >>  exit without restart.
  • Now go to control panel >>  scheduled tasks  >>  delete “at1” task and close all windows.
2) Changing configurations
  • Sometimes registry might get disabled and we need to activate it back to undo all the malicious changes done by the virus.
  • To do that go to start  >>  run  >>  gpedit.msc  >>  users configuration  >>  administrative templates  >>  systems and find “prevent access to registry editing tools”, double click it and change the option to disable.
  • Now regedit will be enabled. In case task manager is disabled we need to enable it.
3) Registry editing
  • Now we have to perform some registry edits to enable the explorer and to remove all instances of virus from the registry.
  • To do this go to start  >>  run  >>  regedit  >>  edit  >>  find and search for regsvr.exe. Now find and delete all the occurrences of regsvr.exe virus but don't delete regsvr32.exe as it is not a virus.
  • Now navigate to entry hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion\winlogon and modify the entry shell “explorer.exe regsvr.exe” i.e. delete the regsvr.exe from it so that it becomes shell “explorer.exe”.
  • Now close all windows and get ready to delete all virus files.
4) Delete virus files
  • Now the step comes to delete all the virus files from the computer.
  • To do this press F3 or Ctrl + F and search for "regsvr.exe", "svchost .exe" (make sure to search in hidden folders) and delete all “regsvr.exe”, “svchost .exe” files (notice the gap between "svchost" and ".exe". Don't delete the legitimate file i.e. Svchost.exe).
  • Now clean the recycle bin and turn off the computer. It is recommended to switch off the power supply and again turn it on. Now start the computer normally.
Now the computer is free from virus like new folder.exe and regsvr.exe. Now make sure to scan the pen drive or USB drive before plugging into the computer.

So it is a simple trick to remove virus like new folder.exe and regsvr.exe without any antivirus.

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