How to find and stop the unauthorized activity in email account ?

Learn how to find and stop the unauthorized access to your Email account. The tricks and tips are being discussed for better security.

Unauthorized Activity
Everybody wants to maintain total security of his / her email account and make it 100% hack proof. Sometimes our email account might have got hacked and we might not be aware of it. We may believe that our email account is safe but in reality our private and confidential data or information may be falling into the hands of a third person or a hacker.

There are some signs to determine unauthorized activity in an email account. 
  • New emails are marked as read even if we have not read them.
  • Our emails are moved to trash or even permanently deleted.
  • Our emails are being forwarded to a third person's email address.
  • Our secondary email address is changed. 
If someone come across any of the above activities in the email account then it is clear that the email account is hacked.
Unauthorized Activity
 Gmail provides an additional security feature to protect the email account through the means of IP address logging i.e. Gmail records the IP address when every time we login to our Gmail account. So if a third person gets access to our account, then even his / her IP address is also recorded. To see a list of recorded IP address, scroll down to the bottom of Gmail account and see.

Steps to stop unauthorized activity in the email account : 
  • Change the password.
  • Change the security question.
  • Remove any third party email address.
  • Make sure that you have access to the secondary email address.
  • Also change the secondary email password and security question. 
So these are simple tricks and tips to find and stop the unauthorized activity in email account.

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