Tricks and tips to speed up slow internet connection

Learn the possible ways of increasing the speed of slow internet connection by using simple tricks and tips.

Disturbed by Slow Internet Connection
It doesn’t matter what kind of internet we have or how much we are paying for the speed of our internet. We might be using the slow as a turtle dial-up or the average DSL and cable. Surely, there would be times that our internet speed will slow down to an almost frustrating and laughable amount.

Here we could understand the possible cause and could at least try to fix it and make our internet connection faster than usual. Solution varies according to our internet connection type.
Slow Internet Connection
If we are using dial-up, we are in the slow connection type. We should make sure that we are using 56k modem. This will allow us to send and receive info at most of 56 kbps ( kilo bits per second ). This means that our modem will send and receive info at a rate of 56 kilo bits per second, or kbps. Don’t expect that we will get the full 56k, we should expect an average of 40-50 kbps. We should also make sure that our phone line is working in good condition, free from stray signals and cross line from others that will cause interrupted sending of info via modem. Surely this tip would help in increasing the dial up internet connection speed.

You can also see how to increase the speed for BSNL Broadband here :
Now, if we are using wireless internet, there are some things that we should take into consideration like our location. The more distance we have away from the wireless router, the slower our internet will become, we can stay not that close, but not too far. If too much distance cannot be avoided as expected, we can use range booster or extender. Bear in mind that the more people using the same connection, the slower the internet will become. This tip would help in increasing the wireless internet speed.
Spyware Slowing down Internet Connection
Spyware and viruses can take account in slow speed connection, most of the time. Spyware is a malicious type of program that can track our internet activities, keystrokes that may be used to steal personal information that should be restricted personally. It can also slow down our connection speed by cluttering our internet browser and taking control of our internet connection. Having several spyware running at the same time will only worsen the situation by causing you to lose our connection completely.  Programs like these run without letting us know that they exist, so regular scanning and running of antivirus and anti spyware is essential.

So these tricks and tips can surely increase our internet connection speed.

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