How to repair a broken Hard Disk ?

Learn how to repair the broken hard disk or get most out of it without corrupting the data inside it.

Broken Hard Disk
If somebody is trying to repair a broken hard disk and doing some troubleshooting of possible hardware faults as well as analysing the software and BIOS. So here are the tips and tricks to repair a broken hard disk some of the analysis and tools that can be used for pinpointing the cause of these problems.

Always start by checking for mechanical faults first. Open the computer and make sure that there is no dust blocking the vents, fans or components. This may cause overheating if left unattended to. Check that the cables connected to the broken hard disk are securely fastened and that none of the pins on their connectors are damaged.

If noticed any signs of heat damage on the broken hard disk then this type of HDD repair should be completed by an expert rather than yourself. Internal component damage could actually lead to further data loss if not treated properly.

Next, start your software checks by opening the bios menu. This is available when windows is starting to boot up. We should be able to identify if the broken hard disk has been correctly located by the bios and that there are no conflicts with other system components. If conflicts do occur, then remove those secondary components to test if our drive can be detected.
Broken Hard Disk
Disk issues can also occur due to bad sectors on the platters / software. Physical damage to the broken hard disk can occur due to misaligned platters, issues that the read / write head or spindle damage. However, bad sectors may also happen if the software is corrupted. Use the disk checking utility from Microsoft to make the repairs. This can also be run using the emergency boot disks provided from Microsoft.

The last option when the HDD repair actions have failed is to run a data recovery. Install a data recovery software utility onto a second partition / separate drive and then scan the broken hard disk for any fragments are signs of the data. Use an external hard disk casing if the computer is completely inoperable to connect the drive to second for scanning and data recovery.

So these are tricks and tips to repair a broken hard disk.

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