Tricks to delete an un deletable File

Learn how to delete an un deletable file or the file which is showing an error while deletion, without any software.

Delete a File
We sometimes suffer a problem like unable to delete a file. For some this problem is very frustrating. There are many tricks to delete an un deletable file. So to overcome the frustration, follow this simple tricks to delete an un deletable file.

First trick: 
  • Open a command prompt and close all other open programs.
  • Press Ctrl + alt + tab to open task manager.
  • Now go to the processes tab and end the process "explorer.exe" (leave task manager open).
  • Go back to the command prompt window and type Del <filename> where <filename> is the file to be deleted.
  • Go back to task manager >> file >> new task   >> explorer.exe.
  • Close task manager and command prompt.
  • Now it is done.

Second trick:
  • Open notepad >> file >> save as.
  • Now locate the folder where the un deletable file is and choose "all files" from the file type box.
  • Click once on the file to be deleted, so its name appears in the filename box.
  • Now put "a” at the start or end of the filename.
  • Save it as the same extension as the un deletable file is.
  • Now it should ask to overwrite the existing file and choose yes.
  • Now delete the un deletable file normally and it is done.
So these are simple tricks to delete an un deletable file.

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