How to Convert 1 GB Memory Card to 2 GB ?

Learn the simple Trick on how to convert a 1 GB memory card to a 2 GB for free by using a small application.

Convert a 1 GB Memory Card to 2 GB
There is a trick to convert a 1 GB memory card to 2 GB for free. This trick may not work on all memory cards but it will be amazing if the 1 GB memory card is converted to 2 GB and all the data can be copied according to 2 GB size.

This can be done by just using a simple application and following this simple steps:

  • First of all you have to make sure that you have a 1 GB memory card as this Trick only works on 1 GB and it supports only in some of the rare cases of memory cards.
  • Now backup all the data from the Memory Card on which you are going to apply this Trick, because it would be formatted during the process.
  • After Backing Up, open the Skimedi fix 2 GB capacity application. You may download Skimedi Fix from here.
  • A small window will popup showing the fix and cancel option and you have to browse the drive where it is located.
  • After selecting the drive press on fix and then the updating process will be followed up. It will ask the conformation whether agree to format or not. So click on Yes.
  • Later it will ask to re-plug the device. Just re-plug the Memory stick card. The size of the memory will be increased from 1 GB to 2 GB and you may also see the properties before and after the cracking process.
  • After that you may also check the memory size in phone.
  • Now you may also check it by re-opening the Skimedi fix and select the drive again. Now it would be showing the size as 1912mb, which is nothing but 2 GB.
  • Sometimes you may get a parameter error while copying the files which have crossed the 1 GB size so this may not be 100% successful.
Kindly Note : This Trick is just for fooling purpose, it actually doesn't increase the memory card capacity. What happens is that some hack is been done on its properties only, which shows the increased memory space of memory card. If you try to copy the data with approx. 2 GB capacity, then only 1 GB would be copied or it would show an error.

So this is a simple trick to convert a 1 GB memory card to 2 GB for free.

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