Tips to Clean the Motherboard

Dust Particles and other small dirty Particles can build up and Corrode circuitry causes various problems such as Computer Overheating and Computer Lockups. As we all know that Motherboard is also an Important Part of the Computer so we should keep in mind the good of health of the Motherboard. So we should Clean the Motherboard atleast once in 3 months or
early if the Computer is kept at the place where Dust Particles are more and can invade inside the CPU easily.

Note : We Recommend that you should be enough confident that you can Clean the Motherboard on your own easily. When inside the CPU you must take the necessary precautions and try to avoid Unplugging any cables or other Connections. When cleaning the inside of the case also look at any Fans or Heat Sinks as Dust, Dirt or Hair Particles collects around these Components the most.

The best pratice to Clean Motherboard from Dust, Dirt or Hair Particles is to use Compressed Air. When using Cmpressed Air, hold it in the UpRight position; otherwise, it is possible chemicals may come out of the container that could damage or corrode the Motherboard or other component within the Computer. Also, ensure when using Compressed Air that you always blow the dust or dirt away from the Motherboard or out of the case.

Another Good alternative to Compressed Air is to use a Portable Battery powered Vacuum Cleaver that can effectively remove the Dust, Dirt or Hair from the Motherboard Completely and Prevent it from getting Trapped within the Case. However, do not use a Standard Electricity Powered Vacuum Cleaner as it can cause a lot of static electricity that can Damage the Computer. When using the Vacuum Cleaner it is important that you keep it's nozzle a couple inches away from the Motherboard and all other components to help prevent any part or soldered joints from being Sucked by the Vacuum. Ensure that you do not remove even a small component with the Vacuum Cleaner.

So these are simple Tips to Clean the Motherboard

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