How to clean CD Drive ?

Here is the easy method to clean the CD or DVD drive by using laser lens cleaner.

Clean CD Drive
If the CD drive is creating problems to read CD disc or taking much time to read and finally showing message like “No disc in the drive” or something like this, then these are the symptoms of dirty or weak CD drive lens as dirty lens can create errors in reading or writing and can soon become dead.

Now here is the trick to clean CD Drive :

  • First make sure that discs are clean, unscratched and is loaded properly.
  • Always use laser lens cleaner to clean drive lens.
  • Insert the laser lens cleaner disc and play it for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Using CD drive cleaner properly can efficiently clean the CD drive laser from the dust.
But if the problem is not solved till these steps, then open it and clean the lens with a cotton swab.

So it is a simple trick on how to clean CD drive.

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