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Trick to Fix missing DVD Drive in Windows 7

Sometimes we experience that our DVD Drive is misiing  from our Windows 7. And if we take a look to BIOS then we can see that it is listed there. So what could be the Problem and what could be the solution for that. The Problem is because of some error in Registry. So there is a Trick to Fix missing DVD Drive in Windows 7 by some Registry Tweaks. To use this Trick just follow these simple steps :

1) Click Start  >>  type REGEDIT  >>  press Enter to Open Registry Editor.
2) Look for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\Current Control Set\Control\Class and then for Upper and Lower Filters Keys and Delete them if it any is there.
3) At this time Restarting the Computer will solve the Problem, but if still Problem persuies then Right Click My Computer  >>  Manage  >>  Computer Management  >>  Disk Management  >>  Right Click DVD Drive  >>  Change Drive Letter and Path by assigning a Letter  >>  OK.
4) Restart the Computer. Now the Problem would be solved.
If any Problem persists then comment here and Let Us Know.
So this is a simple Trick to Fix missing DVD Drive in Windows 7.
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