Tricks to Shutdown Computer Faster

Learn the simple tricks and tips to decrease the shutdown time computer normally takes.

Shutdown Computer Faster
You might have suffered lacking behind the time and might be at that time when you are on your computer and you urgently have to go somewhere. Now what you just want at that moment? You must be just wondering that how much time your computer would be taking to shut down! Now what if your computer takes much time to shut down ? You would be left with none other option than leaving it ideal or switching it OFF directly.

But as you know that if computer does not shuts down properly then it may cause errors and may sometime be dangerous for its health. Now there is a solution for this i.e. Tricks to shutdown computer 100 times faster. Yes here are those tricks. To use it just follow the given below simple steps:

1) Task Manager Trick

Task Manager Trick
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager.
  • Click the shutdown tab from the start menu while holding Ctrl key and Select Turn OFF.
  • Now it is done. 

2)  Registry Hack

Registry Hack
  • Go to Start  >>  Run  >> type Regedit and hit the Enter button
  • Navigate to SYSTEM  >>  ControlSet003  >>  Control.
  • Now on the right side click on WaitToKillServiceTimeout.
  • This would be having default value be set to 20000 (this means that it would Shut Down in around 20 seconds), change and set it to 5000.
So these were the simple tricks to shutdown computer 100 times faster.

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