Tricks and Tips to Secure WiFi Connection

Most of us are worried while setting up the WiFi Connection. As WiFi is very reliable then the wired Connection we often Recommend WiFi to be the part of Internet Connection. Many of us do many things to Secure our WiFi but not all of us gain Success. As their are many Loopholes through which our UnSecured Wireless Connection can be easily Hacked.
So here are some Tricks and Tips to Secure WiFi Connection.

1) Change Default Administrator Password and Username. Whenever we Purchase a New Connection then we are required to configure our Modem. The Modem configuration page can be accessed by entering a Username and a Password for Protecting it from Unauthorized Access. By default the Usernames of most of the Modems are Admin or Administrator and the Default Password is Password or Public or Admin or any other simple word. So change the Username and Password as soon as the Setup  of Modem is over because these Usernames and Passwords combinations are known by most of the Hacker.

2) Turn ON WPA / WEP Encryption. Most of the modern Modems allows both WPA and WEP for Securing WiFi. Turning ON these settings will not only Encrypt our WiFi Network Connection but will also Apply Authentication. So we should select the Strongest Encryption to Secure our WiFi Network.

3) Enable MAC Address Filtering. Mac Addresses are the Physical Address of a Computer. Mac Address is Unique Address of a Computer and it is Static and cannot be changed. So our Router can be configured to connect to only to those devices whose MAC Address match to the Home Devices. It will Secure our WiFi Connection by just allowing the Home Devices to Connect to it.

4) Enable Firewalls on Each Computer and the Router.  Most of the modern Routers come with a inbuilt Firewall capability to Secure our WiFi Network. Make sure that the Router Firewall is Turned ON if the Router has one. On the other Hand we can also use Firewall in our Computers. They provide an extra and a strong layer of protection to Secure our WiFi Connection from Hackers or Network Attackers.

5) Position the Router or Access Point Safely. A small leakage of WiFi Signal from Home to the outside cannot be stopped but the Leakage of the signal can be minimised to a Greater extent by just changing the direction of our Antenna of the Router. Never place the Router near windows instead try to place it in the Center of the House. This will also help in providing Best quality of WiFi Signal through out Home with Less Leakage of WiFi Signal to the Outer World.

6) Turn Off the Router when not in Use. It will Secure our WiFi Connection by giving out Less access  time to Hackers to our WiFi Network and it will be difficult for them to Hack in Short Period of time. Moreover it will be also saving our Electricity Bill which will be also advantageousfor us.

So these are some Tricks and Tips to Secure WiFi Connection.

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