How to Compress Files in Windows ?

Many times we need to send Large Files over Internet or sometimes we Run short of our Computer Hard Disk then it becomes very annoying.

Many of Us know that how to handle this Problem but many not. So this Trick is for those who wants to decrease the Size of Large Files without any Software.


And also if you are using Windows 7, then take a look at
  Trick to Claim Speed and Space in Windows 7.

Compressing of File is a much Handy Tool that it can reduce the size of any File relatively.

The Compression can also be done by using Third Party Software but what's the need to use other Software when there is an Option in Windows itself.

So to use this Trick just follow these simple Steps :

1) Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the Folder where your Files are Located.

2) Now Select the File(s) you want to Compress.

3) Now Right Click on them and Choose Send to  >>  Compressed ( zipped ) Folder.

4) Now it will Compress the Files Selected and it would take some time depending upon the File Size.

5) Now it is done. The File has been Compressed and you have saved Disk Space on your Computer.

If you have any Doubt then Comment below or Contact Us.

So it is a simple Trick on How to Compress Files in Windows. -->

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