How to Create Keyboard Shortcut for any Folder ?

Shortcuts are very handy and usefull for a Computer user.
All Computer users find Keyboard Shortcuts very usefull and time Saving.

These things are understood so we think this should not be explained in this Post.

So if Shortcuts are so important then what if we made a Shortcut for our Favourite folder which we always opens whenever we Logon to our Computer ?

So now here is the Trick for How to Create Keyboard Shortcut for any Folder.

To use this Trick just follow these simple Steps :

1) Open Windows Explorer and Navigate to the Folder for which you wants the Shortcut.

2) Now Right Click the Folder and Choose Send To  >>  Desktop ( Create Shortcut ).

3) Now Right Click that Shortcut located at the Computer Desktop and Choose Properties.

4) Now Click on the Shortcut Tab and Click in the Shortcut Key Field.

5) Now assign the Shortcut you want to Associate for your Folder and Click Ok.

6) Now it is done. 
Now whenever the desired Shortcut keys would be pressed then the Folder Associated with it will Open.

So it is a simple Trick on How to Create Keyboard Shortcut for any Folder.

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