How to Display Legal Notice on Windows Startup ?

We often work on the Computers which we share with some other users and we want them to restrict some rights or wants to give them a warning before they use the Computer. 


So now here is  the Trick which can be used to display a Legal Notice at every Startup just before the Computer's Desktop is loaded.

The Legal Notice can contain the Warning or any Notice you want to tell the other user of Computer when you are not there.

So to use this Trick just follow these simple steps :

1) Go to Start  >>  Run  >>  type regedit  >>  Press Enter.

2) Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\system.

3) Now Look for “legalnoticecaption“ on the Right Side.

4) Double Click on it and Enter the Desired Legal Notice Caption.

5) Now somewhere below this look for “legalnoticetext” and Enter the Desired Legal Notice Text of your Choice.

6) Now Restart the Computer and it is done.

If you like this Trick or have any Problem using this Trick then just Comment Below or Contact Us.

So it is Simple Trick on How to Display Legal Notice on Windows Startup. -->

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