Top 5 Tips to Boost WiFi

WiFi is the most easiest way to connect to the internet. But there are many problems which accurs while using the WiFi.

So to overcome these problems here are Top 5 Tips to Boost the the WiFi connection.

These are the most common and working Tips which when followed results in the positive result.

So here they are :

1) Extend the Router's Antenna. There are many some Antennas which can be purchased in addition to the Router which can help in Boosting and extending out the Signals further.

2) Use of Repeaters. A repeater is the device which boost the WiFi Signal by repeating it again. The Repeater is placed within the range of Router and near the Computer where the Signalis needed.

3) Upgrade the Router. If above two Tips not work then try to Upgrade the Router as it must be any problem with that only. Moreover the Routers which are manufactured now days provide the better signals and they alone have the power to Boost the WiFi signals.

4) Upgrade the WiFi Software. One of most effective thing in any tehnical field is the Software. So updating the Software can be very effective. So to use this Tip just check the model number of router and update that manually.

5) Avoid the distubing Neighbours. Avoiding the bad disturbing Neighbours can be the most basic technique to Boost the WiFi signals. As WiFi is itself a Radio signal and interfere with other signals nearby can make WiFi Signals.

So these are Top 5 Tips to Boost WiFi.

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