Top 5 Tips to make Computer Faster

Who does not want a Speedy and Fast Computer ?
We think no one in the world would like the Slow and Lazy Computer. These are the Tips we all would might be knowing but we often ignores these Tips.

So here are Top 5 Tips to make Computer Faster :

1) Use least Icons as possible on the Desktop. Many of the Computers clutter the Application Icons on there Computer. This little most liked Desktop enhancement makes our Computer many times slower.
The specification for this could be this that, as we Startup our computer the Desktop Icons also loads up i.e. Start Up along with it. So the obvious result, Computer Slows Down. So this can be one way to increase the Computer Speed.

2) Uninstall Unnecessary Applications from ther Computer. Applications are the only most Important part of any Computer. Computer without Applications" is like the "Fish without water". This doesnot means that we should Install many Applications on our Computer.
We should not Install Unnecessary Applications on our Computer. The specified reason for this is that all the Applications need Memory on our Computer.
Memory ? Yes memory. The Applications need both our Ram and Hard Disk. So we think now it would be clear that if any Application need Memory then it would utilize the Computer resources and definitely reduce Computer Speed.

3) Update Windows and Outdated Software. As we have learned that Applications are most important part of the Computer. So what if the Software is Outdated ? The answer is nothing but it will result in Computer Slowdown. So do keep in mind the regular Updation of Windows and the installed Applications.

4) Use a Lite and Latest Antivirus. As we know, Virus is the worst Enemy of any Computer and if any Computer is infected by Virus then the only effect of it would be Computer Slowdown. So we recommend that you should use the Lite and Latest vesion of Antivirus.
Why Lite ? Lite to use because the more heavy Antivirus you would use, the more will it result in Computer Slowdown.
And why Latest ? Latest because as any new version is better than the old version. And when it comes upto Antivirus, updation not only makes Antivirus better but also provide us with overall Computer Protection.

5) Always Shut down the Computer Properly. Execept all other factors, this process can be the great Tip for Computer user. If the Computer not Shutsdown properly then the major effect of this could be corruption of Computer Files.
There are numerous factors which can cause our system files to Corrupt but the one can also be the improper Shutting down of Computer properly.

So these are Top 5 Tips to make Computer Faster.

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