Top 5 Tips to protect Computer from Virus

Virus is the most Dangerous Enemy of the Computer. Virus can destroy the computer in many ways and it is worth nothing to discuss about the worse effect of Viruses with the Intelligent People like you.
As we have already Discussed about the formation and making of Virus so it is clear that what a Virus can Do.

So knowingly the fact of Prevention is better than Cure, we should better to prevent Virus and protect our Computer from it's infection and devastating effects.

As there are are finite ways to protect Computer from Viruses, so here we have the
Top 5 Tips to protect Computer from Virus.

1) Have Best Anti Virus and FirewallChoosing the Best Antivirus and Firewall Protection is not the everyone's Cup Of Tea. It seems to be very difficult while chosing the Best AntiVirus from the AntiVirus Marketplace. There are many Antivirus in the Market. Many are Free and many are Paid.
We agree that there are difference in the services of Paid and Free AntiVirus. But it is not necessary to only use the Paid AntiVirus. We recommend the Lite and Powerful Antivirus to ourt Readers.
For those who want to use the Free Version can use the Free Antivirus product by Microsoft, i.e.
Microsoft Security Essentials. It is the Nice, Lite and Powerful AntiVirus by Microsoft.
So to Download Microsoft Security Essentials visit here. And for the Firewall, don't rush towards the third party Firewall Protection as it can cause conflicts in the Computer, so we recommend that you use the default Firewall Protection by Windows.

2) Regularly Update the Full Computer. Now installing the Best AntiVirus does not means that we are protected from the Virus. To protect the Computer from Viruses we need to regularly Update our Antivirus and Windows as well. The Updation process not only provides the latest Virus Defination Update but also with the latest Software Update which can automatically defend themselves from the Viruses. So regular Updation isone of the key to protect Computer from Viruses.

3) Do not Download from Unknown and Untrusted Websites. The person on the Internet cannot stop himself from the attractive offers provided on the Website which is being surfed by him. But it is not necessary that the Site which is surfed and the Software which would be downloaded would be Safe and Trusted. So the best technique is to download any File or Software from only the Trusted and Safe Websites.

4) Be carefull while Opening and reading Emails. Emails are now days the most followed path by Viruses. The Viruses are now a days spreading along with the Emails. So to protect the Computer from Email Viruses, we should not Open the Links of Unknown Spam Emails as it may contain Virus  which can Invade in our Computer. So to differentiate between Trusted and Safe Emails, we can create filters to our Email accordingly.

5) Adjust the Computer Settings. There are many Settings in the Computer which should be changed according to our Computer Usage. There are Options like User Account Control Settings, Automatic Windows Update, Scheduled Virus Check Scan etc which should be Set by the Computer user. The  best practice is to set Automatic Windows Update and Schedule Weekly Virus Check Scan for Computer. And regarding the User Account Control Settings, We recommend to chose the Option Always Notify for the changes made by User to Computer.

If you want more Tips to protect your Computer or need any other assistance, then you can Contact Us any time you feel better.

So these are Top 5 Tips to protect Computer from Virus. -->

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