Top 5 Tips to Secure WiFi

As we all know that WiFi in todays life has become very handy and comfortable connection then any other Internet Connection.
But along with its Merits there are many implications associated with it.
Many of which can be minimized or removed and  many can't. But in this world nothing is impossible, as Hackers can easily invade or Hack our WiFi.

So to overcome them, here are Top 5 Tips to Secure WiFi. 
So let us do it :

1) Always try to use Encryption in the WiFi Connection. This is the most common and basic Tip which maximum WiFi users follow. As it is necessary to Encrypt WiFi so for Encryption never use WEP or WPA Encryption as these are also found to be Vulnerable to Attacks by Hackers. So for Encryption always use WPA2 (AES) encryption or any better known Encryption.

2) Always implement a Firewall Protection between the Wireless Access Point and to the Network. Also make sure that the Web Interface on the Wireless Access Point is Firewalled and not Accessible to intruders.

3) Never Broadcast your Service Set Identifier ( SSID ) i.e. Network Name of your WiFi Connection. So try to keep it hidden and confidential. So set your SSID name to a Long Sophisticated name with Numbers and Letters or very difficult Non Dictionary term. Make sure that the Password is constructed with a Unique Alphanumeric Keys.

4) Use MAC filtering to access Control Connecting IPs i.e. it is device that secures web Address. It is by default Deactivated by the Manufacturing Company so we have to manually Activate it.

5) Last but not the least, Set the Auto change of the key to maximum of 1800 Seconds ( 30 minutes ).

So these are Top 5 Tips to Secure WiFi

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