Trick to do Group Chat on Facebook

We all are familiar with Facebook and it's most liked feature i.e Chatting. Facebook is Day by Day enhancing it's features like New Chat Bar, Video Calling feature and many more.
But some are Liked by people and some not.

For Example the New Facebook Chat Bar is not liked by many of the people on Facebook, and we have already discussed about it in the post of
Trick to get back Old Chat Bar in Facebook.

Now the Group Chat is the Feature in which we can Chat in Groups on Facebook i.e. we can have a Chat Conference with our friends of our wish by using this great feature.

We can add as many as friends of our choice in Group Chat, but those would be Online.
Group Chat is very Easy and it requires these simple steps :

1) Login to your Facebook Account.

2) Open Chat Box of any Online Friend.

3) Now Click the Gears Icon on Chat Box  >>  Click Add Friends to Chat Option.

4) Now type in the Name of the your Friend that you want to Add to Group Chat.

5) Now Click Done and Start Chatting with Multiple Friends.

So it is a simple Trick to do Group Chat on Facebook.

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