Trick to Fake Status Update on Facebook

We all are fond of updating our Status on Facebook and intracting with our friends.
And this status update become our curosity when we have something new to share like bought a new Mobile, Computer or went somewhere on a picnic.

Now what about Mobile ? If we have bought a new mobile then many of us will be definetly Updating our Status on Facebook using that Device or Gadget to just not only share or tell the Friends but also for making them jealous.

And if we have bought a new Branded Mobile like iPhone or a gadget like iPad,
then we would be definetly updating our Status via that Gadget or Mobile.

So now here is the Trick for those who wants to Update there Status via High End Mobile or Gadgets even if they don't have that.

So for this just use these Provided Links below to Update via Specific Device.

1) Via iPhone :


           >>     Via iPhone 4
       >>    Via iPhone

       2) Via Ipad  :

         >>    Via iPad 3

                       >>    Via iPad 2

              >>    Via iPad


      3) Via Blackberry :

            >>    Via Blackberry

              >>    Via Blackberry Torch

              >>    Via Blackberry Playbook

       4)     Via Android 

        5)     Via Calculator

That's it just these little Application on Facebook can Update our Status as Fake as we want.

So it is a simple Trick to Fake Status Update on Facebook.

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