Tricks and Tips to deal with Laptop Overheating

Here are the top 5 easy and most followed tricks and tips to deal with the issue of laptop over heating.

Laptop Overheating
A Laptop is little expensive device which requires a great care for better running. The care and other practice are followed by almost all laptop users but  90% of them face the problem of Laptop over heating and various related issues. The over heating might be dangerous for laptop and it may cause the laptop to show abnormal behavior finally causing its internal machinery to fail.

Now to overcome the issues of over heating, here are top 5 tips to deal with it. So have a look over them :

1) Clean Circulating and Cooling vent regularly.

Circulating and Cooling vent regularly
The circulating and cooling vents are the area of laptop from where the outer air is used to keep the laptop cool. But while working under dusty conditions, there are chances that dust get deposited on it and thereby choking them altogether. This cause the over working of fan in high temperature and finally resulting in the over heating of the laptop. So you should try to use laptop in dust free conditions as much as possible. And if it is not possible then you can use a CAN of Compressed air. These CANs are easily available at computer store. So just use the CAN to spray near by the cooling vent of the laptop to clean the choking area.

2) Use Power Saver Mode.

Power Saver Mode
Most of the times when we work on the laptop while charging, we set the mode of use as high performance thinking that it will work better and its demand can fulfilled by the Charging applied. But this is actually the wrong practice. As these settings and configuration will consume the most of the power and will cause the laptop over heating. So for this you should simply set the laptop in the balanced or power saver mode. Probably you should only use the high performance setting at the time when you are running the big applications or games.

3) Keep the Surface Smooth.

Smooth Surface for Laptop
Laptop seems to be very handy and we often work on it while we are lying in bed or somewhere other where the surface on which laptop is kept may not be smooth. But this is the worst practice. As whenever you work on laptop with surfaces which are not such smooth and the laptop's vents are not getting sufficient air supply, then the over heating of laptop would be definitely taking place. So you should try to keep the laptop on the surface where it gets sufficient air and its vents are not blocked by any type of obstacle.

4) Use Cooling Pad.

Cooling Pad
Using of the cooling pad is one of the most used technique of getting rid of laptop overheating. You may buy a cooling pad for your laptop if you are very concerned about your laptop over heating. These are also easily available at general computer store.

5) Switch it OFF.

Switch OFF
This trick can prove to be working for many laptop users. As whenever there is no need, then turning OFF can be the best option instead. If you feel like not turning it OFF, then you may also use the Hibernate option which will not only save your work and battery but would also prevent the laptop to get heated up.

So these are the top 5 tips to deal with the laptop over heating.

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