How to Fix Task Manager in Windows ?

Here are the tricks to fix error of task manager disabled by administrator in windows by applying simple registry or group policy or other hacks.

Task Manager disabled by administrator
In operating system Windows, Task Manager is mostly used & handy application and we probably use it for many purposes like ending any unstable application, checking running processes, monitoring CPU performance, etc. But most of the times our windows get infected by virus or malware some or the other way, and the result of which is that task manager stops working. Sometimes the error message is also shown like "Task Manager disabled by administrator".

Now to fix this task manager disabled error, here is the simple registry trick. So have a look over it.
Registry Editor - regedit
1) Click Start  >>  Run  >>  type "regedit"  >>  press Enter  to open Registry Editor.

2) Now navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Policies\System.

3) Now look for registry key named like "DisableTaskMgr" in the right pane. If you find this, just simply delete it or set its value to 0 by double clicking on it.

4) Now restart the system, and error must be fixed.

If you did not find any registry key named like "DisableTaskMgr", then alternatively use may use this Group Policy trick. For this just follow the given below simple steps :
Group Policy - gpedit.msc
1) Click Start  >>  Run  >>  type "gpedit.msc"  >>  press Enter to open Group Policy.

2) Now navigate to User Configuration  >>  Administrative Templates  >>  System  >>  Ctrl+Alt+Delete Option  >>  Remove Task Manager.

3) Now right click it  >>  Edit  >>  select Not Configured  >>   Apply  >>  OK and Exit.

4) Now restart the system and the error must be fixed.

Hope your systems's Task Manager error get fixed now using above tricks. But if it is still not yet fixed then do try these other tricks also given below. These might help you to fix the errors.

1) As malware or other kinds of virus might prevent task manager from opening so try a deep malware and virus scan on your system. For this you can make use of any of the popular antivirus software.
For your reference here is the list of Top 10 Antivirus Software, so must have a look over them.

2) Run system's file checker by typing "sfc/scannow" in command prompt and pressing enter.

Now the error should be fixed, but if still not fixed then it is recommend that you re-install the windows. As this error may cause further errors and damages to your system. You may also Contact Us or request for a Live Help & Support.

So these were the simple tricks and tips on fixing the task manager disabled by administrator error in windows.

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