Tricks and Tips for Safe Internet Surfing

Here are some of the best tricks and tips which you can make use of to surf the internet smartly and safely.

Safe Internet Surfing
The internet is a huge and massive public spiderweb of many computer connections. It connects personal computers, mainframes, cell phones, GPS units, and much more. Mostly all of these connections exists for just the sake of free information sharing. There are millions of websites present over the internet to be accessed at no cost. But it is not necessary that they are also safe along with free availability. More than 10% of total websites present over internet are not safe. But we still surf them unknowingly and sometimes unluckily are harmed from them in the way like our system got infected or destroyed by the malware, spyware or virus attack.

As it is not that much easy to detect that which of the websites are safe or which is harmful, therefore we can follow some of these tricks and tips to protect our system while internet surfing.
Here are some of those safe internet surfing tricks and tips :

1) Enable Pop Up Blocker

Enable Pop Up Blocker
Nearly 90% of websites use pop up windows on there websites. These pop ups mainly contains advertisements, data feeders, mostly fake subscriptions, spam or unwanted information etc. So to get rid of such pop ups, its recommend that you enable the pop up blocker in your web browser.

2) Increase Security Parameters

Increase Security Parameters
Many of us often reduces the security level in our browser, thinking that this practice would not block or make the content invisible on any website, but this is just a myth. As if the website's content is secured and is trust worthy then it couldn't be hidden from any firewall or browser. So its recommend that you should keep the security level something around medium or moderate Level.

3) Think before Clicking

Think before Clicking
As we have already discussed, that not all the websites are safe and obviously there links may also be not safe. So before clicking on any link present over the website firstly read, think and then only click on it.

4) Defend Yourself

Defend Yourself
This practice proves to be best of all. As this would not only help you in safe surfing but would also protect your computer from harmful effects of the unsafe website. So its recommend that you should install the best antivirus on your system.

So these were the tricks and tips for safe internet surfing.

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