Trick to Customize Windows 7 Logon Screen

Windows 7 Logon Screen is easily accessible by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys together.

The screen contains the Options like Lock Computer, Logging OFF, Swith User, Change Password, Start Task Manager.

Now from this Trick We can Customize the Options available on  this Screen.
So to use this Trick follow the simple procedure :

1) Click Start  >>  type "gpedit.msc" ( without quotes )  >>  press Enter.

2) Now navigate to User Configuration  >>  Administrative Templates  >>  System.

3) Now in the Right Pane look for Ctrl + Alt + Del Options and Double Click on it.

4) Now accordingly Enable or Disable the Options listed over there like Remove Change password, Remove Lock Computer, Remove Task Manager, Remove Log Off etc. by Double Clicking on it and selecting OK.

5) Now it is done. To see the changes press Ctrl + Alt + Del and have a look.

So it is a simple Trick to Customize Windows 7 Logon Screen.

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