Trick to Speed Up Computer using USB Pendrive

Learn the Trick on how to increase the speed of your slow computer using pen drive without increasing the RAM.

Speed Up Computer
Many of the computer are running on slow speed. The reason behind this can be the less ram or some others. Now here is the trick to speed up the computer using USB Pen Drive.

Seems strange! But don’t worry, its true a pen drive may be used to speed up the slow computer to great extent. This Trick is helpful in cases where the RAM is less and we want to speed up the computer.

So to use this Trick just follow these simple steps:

  • Right click My Computer  >>  Properties  >>  Advanced  >>  Performance.
  • Now in this window click on Advanced Tab and then on the Change button.
  • Now select the Pen Drive and choose the option Custom Size.
  • Now according to the memory available in the selected Pen Drive, fill the initial size and maximum size with the size and click on ok.
  • Now it is done. The computer would be now faster than the before stage without increasing the RAM.
For greater performance, you may also speed up the USB Pen drive speed by using this :

So it is simple Trick to speed up the computer using USB Pen Drive.

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