Trick to SpeedUp Windows XP

Windows XP is still prefered Operating System by many of the Computer Users.

But sometimes those users are also disappointed when they Experience Slow Down of Windows XP.

So now here is the Trick to SpeedUp Windows XP.

So to SpeedUp Windows XP follow these steps :

1) Click Start  >>  RUN  >>  type "sysdm.cpl" ( without quotes )  >>  press Enter.

2) Now Click Advance and under Performance click Settings.

3) Now again click Advance Option from this Pop Out and go to Change Option for Virtual Memory.

4) Now find the drive that Contains the Paging File and click Customize.

5) Now Increase the Paging Files size in MB ( Mega Bytes ) to limited extent.

6) Finally click OK and Apply the Changes.

7) Restart the Computer and it is done.

So it is a simple Trick to SpeedUp Windows XP

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